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  • Excellent stereo sound quality

    Streamed directly to the hearing aids

  • Plug ‘n play

    Plug and play

    Easiest TV streaming device compared to other direct connectivity solutions

  • Multiple listeners

    Multiple listeners

    Simultaneous streaming to an unlimited amount of hearing aids with one device

The TV Connector is a simple plug and play interface to TV’s and other audio sources, supporting the direct connectivity of Phonak Audéo Marvel and Audéo B-Direct hearing aids. It is designed to simplify the setup and usage. It’s just like using wireless headphones. With AirStream™ technology it delivers top rated sound quality streaming from any TV and stereo system¹. The TV Connector can simultaneously stream audio signals up to 15 meters to an unlimited amount of connected hearing aids.

The right solution for every situation

Enhanced entertainment with hearing aids

Enhanced entertainment

Connect audio sources to your hearing aid
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